The Tiyeni charity was set up by life-long residents of Malawi, who have worked to help rural communities for many years. All the staff in Malawi are local Malawians who have a passion in saving their country from starvation. They do this by demonstrating sustainable farming practices to prevent devastating soil erosion. They encourage the production of better crops and in the last six months alone have engaged 20 villages including over 200 farmers.

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world. The continuing degradation of the countryside in general and of the soil in particular constitutes a serious national crisis for Malawi. In 1997 a World Bank study of agriculture in Malawi stated that for each hectare of farmland 20 tonnes of soil were lost each year.

The Tiyeni method reverses this by stopping erosion and building soil fertility. Tiyeni encourages simple farming improvements, which can prevent hunger and help villagers to be self-sufficient.

Tiyeni means “Let’s go!” and our ultimate aim is to replace the need for hand-outs of money, food and fertiliser in rural districts by training farming communities and enabling them to support themselves.

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