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People in Malawi


The Tiyeni Fund was set up by life-long residents of Malawi, who have worked to help rural communities and students for many years:

–    demonstrating good farming practices to prevent devastating soil erosion and  encourage better crops     
      three new village farms started in the last six months

–    supporting students at schools and colleges and the training of nursery teachers
      up to 30 students at all levels funded each academic year

–    assisting local villagers to look after their orphans by delivering food, clothes and equipment for  nursery   schools 
      these are frequently  associated with  the farming projects

Malawi is one of the poorest, but one of the friendliest countries in the world. The continuing degradation of the countryside in general and of the soil in particular constitutes a serious national crisis for Malawi.

Wasteful use of land, loss of trees and heavy rain damage leads to poor soil and  poor crops and lack of food.   Tiyeni encourages simple farming improvements which can turn this around and help villagers to be self sufficient.

Tiyeni means “Let’s go!” and our ultimate aim is to replace the need for handouts of food and fertilizer in rural districts by fostering communities and enabling them to support themselves…..

Tiyeni’s work combines 

- Teaching how to grow food crops successfully
- Supporting orphan groups
- Helping students through school and college


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