These harvest photos were taken over the last two weeks and a good news story is emerging regarding current harvest levels!

One of the farmers photographed is Richard from Emsizini area. A new farmer in 2019, he decided to adopt just a 10 metre by 10 metre section of his land to our Deep Bed farming method. He has just weighed the shelled maize that he harvested from this plot and everyone is amazed as it is a record for a Deep Bed farm. It works out at just under ten tonnes to the hectare! The National average is under 2 tons per hectare so this is an outstanding result.

Richard with his agroforestry Tephrosia plants

Other farmers yields in the area are equally promising!

Eston's yield

Weighing shelled maize

Hand washing

Mercy harvesting

Soya harvest

From a 10m x 10m plot of land one Tiyeni farmer harvested an excellent yield of 88kg of dried maize!

Some farmers have already started tilling land ready for the next crops.

Witness on her land has started tilling

Kamundundu is leading by example and has started tilling

Aston has started tilling in a new Tiyeni project village

Ronald and fellow Tiyeni farmers evaluating the yields together