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Isaac Monjo Chavula >
Isaac Monjo Chavula

Isaac Monjo Chavula

Executive Director

Mr. Isaac Monjo Chavula (MSc., BSc., Dip. Agric.) is Executive Director of Tiyeni Malawi. He has over 20 years of working with international NGOs implementing food security, sustainable livelihoods, water and sanitation and natural management projects with Concern Universal (now the United Purpose) and the Feed the Future – INVC donor funding from USAID, EU, IrishAid, AusAid, and others. He has also lectured at the Natural Resources College (a constituent college of the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources) and the Malawi Adventist University as Adjunct lecturer and as resident Lecturer at the University of Lúrio in Moçambique for a total of 3 years. Prior to this, Isaac served as a civil servant in the Ministry of Trade and Industry and Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

MSc., BSc., Dip. Agriculture

Mobile: +265-999-207-400; Email:;

Employment Record
  • Senior Manager/Executive Director, Tiyeni Malawi, 2 years.
  • Lecturer, Universidade Lúrio, Moçambique and LUANAR-NRC, 3 years
  • Agricultural Productivity Specialist & Technical Advisor, USAID/Malawi, 1 year.
  • Livelihoods, Food Security & Sanitation Projects Manager, Concern Universal, 9 years.

Godfrey Kumwenda>
Godfrey Kumwenda

Godfrey Kumwenda

Training Manager

Godfrey has been with Tiyeni since 2008 and is now planning, training and supervising field work within and outside 45km in Malawi. He previously trained in functional landscape approach with Wetland Action in Malawi, one of the authors of Tiyeni's training manual and met the founders of Tiyeni while championing the establishment of an indigenous tree nursery with aid from The International Tree Foundation.

Contact no: +265 (0) 884027456/992918308; Email:

Professional Qualification: BSc, in Managing Rural and Community Development.

Responsibilities: Project planning and training of Government extension workers, farmers and other organisations.

Chance Mwenitete >
Chance Mwenitete

Chance Mwenitete

Finance and Legal Manager

Chance joined Tiyeni in February 2014 as a qualified accountant and has vast experience in finance management with Non-Governmental Organisations. Before he joined Tiyeni he was finance officer and then manager at Sambani Lodge on Lake Malawi. Whilst at Tiyeni Chance has completed a University degree in his spare time and is a fully qualified accountant.

Position: Finance and Administration Manager.

Mobile: +265-999-623-812 / +265-995-221-351


Responsibilities: Financial management in Malawi, working closely with Isaac, the team and the UK trustees to ensure that budgets are carefully planned and tightly controlled.

Namelord Phiri >
Namelord Phiri

Namelord Phiri

Field Manager

Namelord comes from the Nkhata Bay district of Malawi, not far from Mzuzu, and was trained in agricultural practices joining Tiyeni as a field officer in 2013. He was agriculture development officer at the Ministry of Agriculture (1990-2010) and development facilitator with World Vision International (2010-12) and combines his experience of crop management and irrigation with the Tiyeni method of soil conservation and increased crop production.

Diploma in Agriculture

Contact No.: +265-995-221-345; Email:

Position with Tiyeni Malawi: Field Manager

Responsibilities: Supervising Field Officers, Planning of day to day activities, Training Lead Farmers, Consolidation of field reports for compiling monthly reports

France Gondwe >
France Gondwe

France Gondwe

Monitoring and Evaluation Manager

Mr. France M.T. Gondwe (MSc.Agric Economics, BSc. Agriculture, and Dip. Agriculture) has over 20 years' experience working with smallholder farmers, focusing on land conserving technologies, food security, sustainable livelihoods, profitability and agricultural business advisory. He also has over 10 years' experience in agricultural research with CGIARS; the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA/SARRNET;) teh World Agroforestry Centre (formerly ICRAF;) CFC/CABI Coffee Project; collaborating with the National Agriculture Research Services (NARS); Southern Africa Root-crop Research Network (SARRNET) in the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA;) and Canadian Physians for Aid and Relief (CPAR.)

Mobile: +265-888-875-374


Position: M & E Manager (Agriculture Extension).

Responsibilities: Developing Tiyeni's tracking and data collection. Research of the performance (monitoring and evaluation) in each training centre, with a focus on Deep Bed farming, as well as the social impact on the farmers’ families and communities.

Becky Kelly >
Becky Kelly

Becky Kelly

Development Manager

Becky joined Tiyeni in September 2015, holds a Master's degree Merit in Sustainable Development Advocacy and is an experienced fundraiser with over 7 years of working in the third sector. Part-time and UK based.

Mobile: 07871 626673


Position: Development Manager

Responsibilities: UK support to enable Tiyeni to deliver on the charity mission and objectives in Malawi, developing relationships with funders and working collaboratively to develop in-country projects.

Love Msiska >
Love Msiska

Love Msiska

Field Officer

Love studied agriculture and natural resources management at the Natural Resources College (NRC) and previously worked as Agriculture Extension Development Officer at Mpata Extension Planing Area (EPA) in Karonga before joining Tiyeni.

Mobile: +265-995-221-349 / +265-882-936-291


Position: Field Officer (Agriculture Extension).

Responsibilities: Planning field activities with farmers; training farmers climate smart agriculture e.g. Deep Bed Farming; providing technical support; monitoring and capturing data.

Timothy Moyo >
Timothy Moyo

Timothy Moyo

Field Officer

Timothy studied agriculture and natural resources management at the Natural Resources College (NRC) and previously worked as an Extension Field Officer at Salima Rural Development Project before joining Tiyeni.

Position: Field Officer (Agriculture Extension)

Mobile: +265-995-221-346 / +265-885-281-723


Responsibilities: Planning field activities with farmers; training farmers climate smart agriculture e.g. Deep Bed Farming; supervision of field activity implementation; monitoring and capturing data.

Fabiano Chirwa >
Fabiano Chirwa

Fabiano Chirwa

Field Officer

Fabiano has a Diploma in Agriculture and joined Tiyeni at the start of 2018 on a temporary contract to run training in a new project area in Northern Malawi.

Mobile: +265-881-107-703


Position: Field Officer (Agriculture Extension).

Responsibilities: Planning field activities with farmers; training farmers in climate smart agriculture (Deep Bed Farming); supervision of field activity implementation; monitoring and capturing data.

The Board of Trustees

John Crossley - Founder of the Tiyeni Fund Charity. John was District Commissioner of Nsanje district before he divided his time between England and Malawi. Concentrating, since the food shortage of 2001 to 2003, on soil conservation as a means of achieving food security.

Elizabeth Crossley - John’s wife, has also played a major role in the foundation and establishment of Tiyeni. While she and John were working in Malawi, she was Education Officer for the Diocese of Northern Malawi. She too has helped a great many children and young people to find education and jobs over the years.

Colin Andrews - Current Chair of Tiyeni. He started his career in land agency and became a chartered surveyor in 1973. He visits Malawi as a regular visitor to the Tiyeni base in Mzuzu to see and to promote the soil-care system and Tiyeni methods in operation. He became a trustee of Tiyeni in June 2013.

Andrew Burrows - is also a chartered surveyor by profession with a keen interest in agriculture and the field overseas. He became a trustee in December 2013, and has been Secretary to Tiyeni Fund since April 2017.

Rupert Douglas-Bate MBA, M.Sc, B.Sc joined the Board as a trustee in 2018. He is founder and Chair of Global MapAid. He has many years’ experience in delivering solutions to poverty in the developing world and in particular Africa.

Kevin Whitchurch - Joined Tiyeni in 2019. Kevin has spent his career in media - principally in the launch, development and growth of magazines and newspapers. With wide experience of appealing and marketing to specialist, general and new audiences, Kevin’s strength is in communicating complex issues simply and attractively.

Andrew Roberts - Joined Tiyeni in 2021 as UK Treasurer. He has 15 years of experience on international development projects, currently as Operations Manager at UK INGO Interburns, following a position at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. Andy spent over 10 years in Angola and Botswana providing development support in association with the host governments.

Ian Kerr - Joined Tiyeni as a Trustee in 2021.

The Tiyeni Organisation local board

- Macshamed Mhango | Board Chairman. Senior member of regional ministry of agriculture team

- Isaac Monjo Chavula | Executive Director of Tiyeni, as above

- Mary Gondwe | Non-exec director board member. Former Tiyeni Manager

- Godfrey Kumwenda | Non-exec director board member. Training Manager, as above

- Bill Mhango | Non-exec director board member. Retired from the Malawi government after working for many years in the MoAIWD, at level of District Agriculture Development Officer.

- Chance Mwenitete | Non-exec director board member. Finance and Legal Manager, as above

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