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Low Greenside Farm Campsite donate £1,369.00!

December 1, 2021

Every penny will help change lives in Malawi.

Congratulations Albert Mvula

November 10, 2021

An inspiring success story - from Worcester University. Dr. Albert Mvula from northern Malawi has received his doctorate. Albert investigated the contributions of the Deep Bed farming system to sustainable development in northern Malawi.

November Supporter Newsletter

November 5, 2021

Soil - The Treasure Beneath Our Feet. In this update, we ask, why healthy soils?

Erosion control near Nkhata Bay, Malawi

October 28, 2021

Independent evaluation of Deep Bed Farming in Manyamula

October 13, 2021

A new independent report details impressive results and benefits gained for farmers using Deep Bed farming in Manyamula.

Unique Job Opportunity - Executive Director

September 15, 2021

Tiyeni is seeking a passionate Executive Director to help us deliver our strategic direction; continuing to shape, develop and fund our organisation for the future.

Nature is the best teacher

June 24, 2021

Nature is the best teacher and there is a lot we can learn from the way nature provides for all plants and ourselves.

The Scandal of Soil Loss

June 24, 2021

John Crossley, Tiyeni's founding Trustee, shares his observations on the scandal of soil loss in Malawi.

Soil Regen Summit 2021 Wrap Up

April 30, 2021

Watch Tiyeni's two presentations identifying the elements of the Deep Bed Farming Technology here.

Success Story of Chitheka: Enthusiasm runs high in this remote community

March 16, 2021

Farmers have renewed their hope in the land that they were in the process of abandoning due to infertility; enthusiasm runs high in this remote community.

Big news! The Soil Regen Summit 2021 is in support of Tiyeni

March 4, 2021

Join us on March 15-18 - Tiyeni will be joining some of the world’s most knowledgeable experts in Regenerative Agriculture, during a free, virtual, 4-day event.

The latest crops are growing nicely, and the Tiyeni crops outperform again

January 23, 2021

More and more Malawian farmers are adopting Tiyeni’s “common sense” Deep Bed Farming (DBF) method

Latest News and Amazing New Data

November 18, 2020

We are pleased to announce a new partnership. Latest harvest results have seen a dramatic fourfold increase. Our Training Manager, Godfrey, shares how women farmers can be the key agents of change.

Farming in Malawi 2020

August 26, 2020

Tiyeni's Deep Bed farming activities at Chitheka, Northern Malawi.

How the use of compost manure helps farmers increase yields, and income

August 26, 2020

The more farmers adopt DBF, the more manure they make and the more yields they realise.

How Covid-19 is effecting Malawi, and stories of productive, powerful results

August 26, 2020

Our Executive Director reports on Covid-19, and we report on how Tiyeni adapts to farmers' suggestions, the latest spectacular results from our survey and more.

Malawi Farmers in Serious Agriculture Extension Service Deficiency: The role of the Ministry of Agriculture?

August 24, 2020

Profitability summary

June 25, 2020

A doubling of maize yields is found to lead to a roughly tenfold rise in profitability.

Fruitful and effective activity in Malawi

June 17, 2020

We've received numerous reports of how successfully the farmers trained by Tiyeni are implementing Deep Bed Farming across Malawi. However, the number of cases of Covid-19 is increasing to 564 as of today.

The well-being of the nation

June 17, 2020

As harvest time for maize, the crop which sustains the people, approaches. The wellbeing of the nation depends on this crop.

At harvest time, Deep Bed Farming proves itself once again

May 26, 2020

Again, farmers are doubling or tripling their yields after converting land to Deep Bed Farming.

The harvest begins

May 6, 2020

The 2020 harvest has begun and farmers are recording excellent yields!

Tiyeni's response to Covid-19

April 15, 2020

Projects help some of Africa’s poorest agrarian communities and we are committed to carrying out our mission-critical services through this challenging time.

80% of Malawi’s population depends on rainfed subsistence agriculture

July 25, 2019

It is a well-known fact that 80% of Malawi’s population depends on rainfed subsistence agriculture for their survival.

Transformative Farming

July 23, 2019

Until 2018, nobody in Bula knew about Deep Bed Farming ...

June 16, 2018

... and then Tiyeni field officer Love Msiska arrived.

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