The Significance of Regenerative Agriculture

14 September 2022

We are hugely excited to feature in this special compilation episode! The voices of many guests including Tiyeni's Colin Andrews and Finean Makepeace of Kiss The Ground have been brought together to take you through a story of the power of nature as a healing tool for our planet. The host Helen Fisher from We Are Carbon shares more:

We cycle round - first taking a look at the beautiful balance and functions of nature, then to how we've halted these functions and caused destruction through our agricultural practices. 
We hear also how our approach to food production has been impacting human health, before shifting back to those wonderfully thriving systems of nature, as we hear many points of view on the transition to regenerative agriculture that's happening across the globe.

If you rarely have time to listen to the episodes then give this one priority as it covers so much in one go!
And it's all with huge thanks to the wonderful guests:

Caroline Grindrod (of Roots of Nature & Wilderculture),
Colin Andrews (Chair of Tiyeni)
Dr Christo Miliotis (Soil Scientist)
Finian Makepeace (of Kiss The Ground)
Peter Lundgard (Regenertive Farmer & Consultant)
Jackson R. Buzingo (Advocate for regenerative agriculture in Tanzania one more salary)
Bernadette Millard (of Lizq Modern Oasis llc)
Michelle Gilman (of Food Fluency)
Adrian Ferrero (of Biome Makers Inc.)

You can find the full episode over on the website:

Or on your favourite podcasting platform:

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