Alex's story

3 February 2023

Tiyeni's Executive Director Alex Gerard is a Birbeck alumni and passionate about advancing opportunities for farmers in Malawi with Tiyeni's team:

“The impact is most apparent when you see subsistence farmers start to diversify their crop and even grow cash crops. Not only are they improving nutrition through a more balanced diet, but they are able set up businesses or sell excess produce in local markets. The knock-on effects of this are incredible. Within a few years of applying our techniques, we’ve seen former subsistence farmers being able to afford to send their children to school. We’ve seen amazing all-female cooperatives become real powerhouses in their community. Tackling food poverty can really help break the cycle.”

Alex reflects in his interview on his fascinating career involving shark conservation, primate rehabilitation, arts management, and more, before joining Tiyeni one year ago.

Alex Gerard | BBK Magazine 41 - The World Needs More Birkbeck

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