The Tiyeni Effect

Our revolutionary new farming methods have helped thousands of Malawian farmers double their crop yields, from one harvest to the next.  The Tiyeni method creates taller, stronger plants, and each plant produces more food, year after year. It stores water underground instead of letting it run off and causing extensive soil erosion.

Our simple, low-cost methods, which we call Deep Bed Farming, produce such dramatic and visible results that they are spreading by word of mouth in Malawi: so fast, in fact, that we cannot keep up with demand from farmers for the necessary training. On average, farmers who adopt our methods have doubled their yields from maize and other crops. Some farmers have achieved even better results.  Once the deep bed system and practices are in place, these improvements have been repeated, at harvest after harvest.

We don’t rely on food, money, or other inducements to get farmers to adopt Deep Bed Farming. We don't push them to adopt strange western methods. Instead, they see what their neighbours have achieved and they come to us. We show them how to transform their soils, permanently, with simple technology, less inputs and without industrial fertiliser.

The image below shows a flourishing Tiyeni maize crop, in the background, contrasted with maize grown with traditional methods, in the foreground.

crop comparison

The images here show crops from traditional maize farming methods, next to crops grown with our Deep Bed method.

crops 1

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