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17 June 2020

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During the last few weeks, we've received numerous reports of how successfully the farmers trained by Tiyeni are implementing Deep Bed Farming across Malawi. From the impressive growth of Mavuto's maize (pictured above) to the video (below) illustrating the activities in Chiteka, there's much to be celebrated.

However, the number of cases of Covid-19 is increasing to 564 as of today and our Executive Director shares a synopsis of the situation below.

Isaac Monjo Chavula, Executive Director, reflects on the Covid-19 virus

Many people are not able to access the needed masks, sanitisers, etc. not to mention basic necessities like food, a major driver for the poor to flood market places to vend something in order to buy food. Many poor people would say "It is better to die of corona virus than die of hunger" in your home. The lack of government fall-back plan made it extremely difficult for government to implement a lock-down option early in April.

The pandemic situation in the country is going to worsen at exponential rate because of political activities which are now at peak, with huge campaign rallies where people of all ages flock to with literally no protection at all. You may wonder whether the same politicians updating the nation with figures on daily basis are really concerned about the safety of the same people they invite to attend their campaign gatherings.

The bottom line is that at the moment things are in a quagmire state in as far as handling of the Covid-19 pandemic is concerned by government. I hope the confusion will end after the 23rd June vote or soon thereafter. But the breeding ground being created in these political gatherings will likely give birth to thousands and thousands of Covid-19 cases. Likely therefore, more support to our staff and farmers is inevitable to survive through.



In one of many success stories in Manyamula EPA, Charity Moyo (above left) has managed to get 14 (100kg each) bags. She's very happy with the harvest. In Kazomba EPA, Bokola section, Chrissy Thika (above right) has substantially improved her yield this year, on her 0.2 ha land she's managed to get 15 bags (50kg)

Above: This video clip illustrates Tiyeni's Deep Bed farming activities at Chitheka, Northern Malawi. The footage was recorded by one of our Field Officers, Khalani, who trains farmers in their communities and provides invaluable guidance and support throughout the farming season. It features Anthony Banda, a lead farmer. Farmers have been impressed with the crop yield obtained with DBF and they've learnerd that their soil, particularly at risk in this hilly region, is no longer lost.



In Kazomba EPA, lead farmer Tiffany Kanjinji has been really effective. She's expanded her garden, by mixing manure while tilling, and passed on four piglets to follower farmers and, above left, has assisted Ronald with a 0.3ha field, mulched with maize stalks after harvesting. One of the recipients of Tiffany's pass-on piglets is Khelo Mumba pictured here, above right, with the brick khola she has constructed for her piglet.

In Emsizini EPA, farmers are extending their fields of Deep Bed Farming. In the photo, below left, Stafell Kanyasko, is standing where she is starting to extend her garden. And, below right, also in Emsizini, Sangulukani Ngwira is tilling after seeing the good crops of early adopters of DBF.



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