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Rural Water Supply Network's webinar

This is the recording of the Rural Water Supply Network's webinar "Water for food, for drinking, and for rural development - examples at scale" a session organized by the RWSN Theme Self Supply, featuring Colin Andrews, Tiyeni Chair.

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Virtual Session UN Water - supporting Self-supply - Colin Andrews

Presentation during the virtual Session UN Water on 23rd March 2023 on supporting Self-supply. Presentation by Colin Andrews of Tiyeni.

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The Soil Regen Summits

Tiyeni's presentations, featured during the Soil Regen Summits 2021, 2022, and 2023 give a view of farming and food availability in the context of South East Africa and the preventable loss of topsoil prevalent there.

Speaker: Colin Andrews, trained in Land Agency and a former Chartered Surveyor, became a trustee of The Tiyeni Fund in 2013 and Chair in 2018. He works closely with an all Malawi team of field trainers and agricultural experts in Malawi.


Colin Andrews, Chair of Tiyeni, explores how Deep Bed Farming is an integral part of water catchment management and landscape restoration. Part of the Soil Regen Summit 2023: Collaborating with Nature, held in support of Tiyeni.


Part 1 | Doubling Yields and Preventing Soil Erosion in Sub-Tropical Conditions

Tropical and sub-tropical farming has many challenges. In Malawi, one of the poorest countries on Earth, these are coming home to roost. However, Tiyeni's Deep Bed Farming is transforming livelihoods in all areas of the country. The simple, low-tech solutions are applicable widely in Africa and elsewhere. The talk will outline this method of farming, which substantially increases yields while reducing the cost of inputs.

Part 2 | A Soil-ution for the African Continent

Long term adoption of Deep Bed Farming transforms lives……. but widespread adoption will be life-changing for all Malawi’s people.

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