Tiyeni is run by Malawians, for Malawians, with some external support. Agriculture accounts for around two fifths of Malawi's GDP and around four fifths of its exports, and it employs around 80 percent of the population.

We started in the northern region, where some of Malawi's poorest people live. But persistent requests from farming communities all over the country means that we are now also active in Central and Southern Regions. 



We have been approached by people in Zambia and Mozambique who are keen to learn our Deep Bed Farming methods, and evidence suggests that the problems may be just as severe there. However we do not currently have plans or capacity to expand there: our hands are more than full with demand from Malawi!

In June 2020 we learned of similar practices (though with some differences) in Ghana, where farmers also seek to break up the hard pan and subsequently apply Conservation Agriculture practices. (Click here for more on that.)