Tiyeni features on We Are Carbon

11 August 2022

Listen below - Tiyeni's Colin Andrew's and Helen from We Are Carbon discuss the life-changing results that come quickly from incredibly simple farming approaches.

"I went to Malawi and met a farmer who said he has a great method. On seeing it it absolutely blew me away. It's absolute common sense!
The increases are enormous! In our first year there, some farmers got 8 tonnes of dried maize to the hectare. The average is around three tonnes.
After five years the method is twelve and a half times more profitable!
With the deep bed method we find that a family of eight can be supported on just half an acre.
Which allows them to grow the rest of their land for cash crops, to pay for education or repairs.

What Tiyeni does is not huge, but the effect is more than huge, because all we do is allow the soil to go back to where it was.
It's Nature doing the rest!"

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Helen Fisher at ‘We Are Carbon’ sets out to turn our current ‘climate crisis’ on it’s head. To focus not on where we need to restrict, but how we can heal and rebalance our planet while providing ourselves with lives that are abundant.

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